Atlanta Phoenix 2014 Roster

Owner: Michael Blakeley
 Kennesaw Mt, Georgia

Stadium: Minute Maid Field
Conference: Rusty Staub
Division: Andre Dawson

AOLIM: yorlik70

Entered the league in: 2009 with Kennesaw Mt Woodsmen. Took over Limoilou Wendigo August 2013

I go by Michael Blakely and my friends call me "Blake". My full name is James Michael Blakely and my father's name is James. As you may not be aware, we in the South go by our middle names for some reason. Not sure the reason, but that's the way it is. So call me "Blake", "Blake-o" or "Captain".
Compared to 99% of the gentlemen playing in the CBA, my Strato career is extremely light.  My entire life has been focused on or around baseball. I taught high school for 14 years before frustration set in and forced me to leave the public education system. During those 14 years I was fortunate to have far too many players to name play for my high school teams. After 15 years running a recruiting company and scouting for an agency in Arizona, I took several years off to deal with physical issues, but did continue scouting baseball players. Best job I've ever had. Pay was not great, but the enjoyment of finding talent is better than sex. I've seen in person at least half of today's players when they were younger playing either has high school kids or low minors. I learned a wealth of knowledge about finding players; the little things mean more than I can fully explain in trying to guess....yep, guess....what kind of player you are projecting for five, ten and twenty years down the road.
Thanks in part to finding the game of stratomatic, I re-discovered a love for baseball and found a game that settled my urge to go out and  play the game. This was around the year 2000. Shortly after finding Strato, I was invited to participate in the CBA.  Damn great league and a not a finer bunch of competitors can be found.
I've played in a few leagues while recovering; what I found out is that it is best to find one or two leagues to play and focus on those two leagues. I know many of you play in multiple leagues but I don't see how you have time to do it.  I still call scouting friends and talk baseball, watch games closely and visit minor league parks in my area. This Billy Hamilton kid for the Reds...faster human I've seen...if he ever learns to hit .250, he will be as hard to keep at 1B as the Chapman kid is to hit. With Billy, it's not a matter of keeping him at 1B; worry about him stealing home if he gets on base because he will end up at Third....
I guess my trademark is finding talent and then trading it away too soon. I drafted very well with Kennesaw but my problem was always having enough usage and I ended up trading away my drafts to finish the season. I learned from that. Another thing I learned is that the player on the field doesn't always play the same in the game of stratomatic. That's been hard on myself because I look at these players differently, well, I've adjusted my philosophy a great deal. I learned a little bit about these cards while I took a leave of absence. I still use the same methods as before except I've learned to read and determine how the actual cards will perform. 
I've been given a historical franchise that will be will be managed in a fashion that is similar to the former owner, Jeff. I am well into the process of organizing my draft plans. It is long since time to get out of rebuilding mode and into drafting for the playoffs. I'm looking ahead and can't wait to get this 2014 season started.
Michael Blakely

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Limoilou Wendigo CBA Encyclopedia Team Statistics

Limoilou Wendigo Historical Page.  Includes all teams players and season stats ever!

Limoilou Playoff page 2007

Limoilou was an original team owned by Jeff Boutet.  Limoilou is perhaps CBA's most successful franchise  reaching the 100 win plateau a record 5 times.  The Wendigo have finished below .500 only in 2000 and 2006.  Noted for shrewd roster management and a knack for talent Boutet's team has usually been the the team to beat in the tough Dawson division since the beginning.  Use of a platoon system, strong defense, pitching and two way skilled players have meant success.  Ironically it was a late inning error by Jason Michaels in the 2005 Dawson championship that cost them a shot at their 4th CBA World title.  Limoilou won CBA's first in vs Lou Bloss' Parma Flamingoes, 1997, again in '99 vs Martin Boulet's Beauport Gamblers, and 4-1 over Brooklyn in 2003.  They lost to Philly in 2002.  Limoilou made the playoffs each of those years and 2001, 2004, 2005.

Timeline Owner/Manager Location
From 1997-03-01 to present* Jean-François Boutet Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

*Original CBA charter franchise

Played 163 games in 2004 and 2005 due to 1 game playoffs

Name and Location
Year1997-0307 Location Quebec City, CA


Limoilou Wendigo

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